South Beach Miami Hotels on the Beach

Miami Beach still rules Beach Destinations in the U.S

With many resort towns across the U.S developing more hotels on the beach, Miami Beach is sure to have a lot of competition in the tourism arena.

Let’s face it though, not many cities in the world can claim so many advantages for tourists like South Beach can. Surely, travelers looking for beach front hotels are prone to end up considering South Beach Miami hotels on the beach. In that regard, there are many choices that will accommodate your hopes for an unforgettable experience but only a handful can deliver on the promises that they make.

Let’s consider the features that are important to most travelers looking for an oceanfront hotel in South Beach.

What beach should I go to in Miami Beach?

South Beach Miami Hotels on the BeachIt is important to understand how the beaches of Miami are divided, so you can make the most informed decision when selecting the best Miami Beach oceanfront hotel for you and your family. The beaches along Miami’s coastline run from 1st street to 87th street.

  • South Beach or SoBe as the locals call it:
    Beginning on 1st street up until 5th street is the stretch that is the most visited by locals, mainly because there are no beachfront hotels in this part of Miami Beach. The beach is at its widest here, and the waters tend to be the clearest as well. Public parking is available, but note that there are no beach chairs, or beach towel services provided, so it’s all BYO.
  • Ocean Drive beaches:
    Ocean drive starts on 5th and ends on 15th street. The hotels in this part of Miami Beach are still not oceanfront as you have to cross the street and walk a while to access the sandy beaches. Hotels on Ocean Drive are small boutique hotels, no more than 7 or 8 floors and do not offer the type of services you can expect at other Miami Beach oceanfront resorts.
  • Miami Beach Golden Strip:
    This is where the best South Beach oceanfront hotels are concentrated. The Loews, The Ritz-Carlton, The National Hotel, The Delano just to name a few are the landmarks oceanfront resorts that you might want to consider to secure an unforgettable experience. In that regard, The National Hotel offers its guests access to incomparable white sandy beaches, free chair and towel service, The Aqua Club at The National Hotel delivers food and drinks straight to your beach chair, ensuring that you and your family have the best beach vacation you deserve.

Features of top Miami Beach Hotels on the Beach

Couple in South Beach at the National HotelThe National Hotel offers the wide array of world-class amenities that you can only find in a 4 star, 4 diamond beach front hotel. When you stay at The National Hotel, you can expect a full beach service attention with beach cabanas where beach attendants are there to cater to your every need. Upon your arrival at The National Hotel beach, beach chairs are available or placed exactly where you desire, plush and fresh beach towels are installed right before you’re ready to settle. Beach Umbrellas are also available, and will be installed next to your beach chair. A sandy playground is created daily by beach attendants, where kids can enjoy the buckets and spades creating sandcastles.  You can order lunch and drinks from The Aqua Club, and The National Hotel staff will be delighted to bring your order to your beach chair, so you don’t even have to leave the sand to enjoy the perfect Miami Beach lunch on the beach.

In conclusion, we know that you have a lot of choices when selecting your South Beach Miami Hotels on the Beach and location is definitely a factor in your decision. If you’re looking for the best all round package and experience, The National Hotel Miami Beach is an oceanfront resort that has it all!