Miami Beach Hotel Reopening and Special Offers

National Hotel Couple on the Beach

The National Hotel is eager to re-open its doors to the public and to welcome past and new guests alike to our Miami Beach hotel.

As you can imagine, having to close the hotel due to the Covid-19 has been not only a daunting task but it has taken a toll on all of our employees whom have chosen to work in the hospitality industry to serve and cater to guests coming from all over the world.

If you set aside the financial burden that the confinement has brought upon all of us, the human contact is really what we miss the most. Our team craves being in contact with the public serving the needs of travelers who have chosen South Beach as their destination.

When will the hotel reopen?

On the date this article is being published, we do not have a clear date as to when the National Hotel and all other hotels in Miami Beach will be able to reopen. It has been said that restaurants, golf clubs and a few other hospitality venues will be able to open in the coming week.

We are hoping to be able to reopen our Miami Beach hotel during the month of May. In any case, our management team and staff members are ready to return to work as soon as we get the green light from the authorities.

What steps will the hotel take when it reopens?

As you can imagine, the State of Florida along with the County and City Mayors are going to put in place some guidelines to limit contacts between guests.

Interactions between guests and staff will also have to be limited or at least organized in a way to prevent any potential spreading of the virus. We will not only comply with all laws and regulations put in place by Officials but we will ensure that your stay, despite social distancing, remains a memorable one.

Some of the steps that we might take include having our staff wearing a mask and gloves. Even though this is not what you would normally expect at a 4 stars beach resort, our employees working in housekeeping and in the Food & Beverage departments will have wear a mask and gloves.

Additional measures will also be put in place when cleaning your room. Disinfectants will be used on all surfaces in order to prevent the spread of any germs.

Our full rooms inventory might not be made available right away. In order to promote social distancing, we will try our best not to assign rooms that are next to one another.

The pool area will also see some additional space between chairs and lounges. In order to provide more safe zones and increase privacy, we will put at least 6 feet between chairs.

As a Miami Beach Hotel, will there be some special offers available?

Yes, we are currently working on offering some very special deals to help you save money while traveling to your favorite Miami Beach hotel. We know how frustrating the confinement is and as it has been voiced by our past guests, many of you cannot wait to come back to South Beach and specifically to the magic National Hotel.

Some of the special offers that you might see available for a limited time are discounted gift cards, refundable rates, upgrades and free perks.

Considering the financial hardship that many are experiencing during this period, we want to offer our guests the best value for their upcoming trip to Miami Beach.

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In conclusion, rest assured that we are hard at work preparing for the re-opening of the National Hotel and that we can’t wait to make your experience in Miami Beach, one that you will cherish and remember.