Do you accept children at the hotel?

The National Hotel is Adults only:

A Child-Free Vacation

Who doesn’t love children? Their playful nature and the happiness they find in the simplest things are enough to melt the coldest heart. However, they tend to play by their own rules and they’re the biggest responsibilities in our lives. Whether you’re a parent or an adult looking for a little peace and quiet, you owe it to yourself to have it both ways. There are a lot of perks to an adult-exclusive vacation destination that makes for an experience that is well worth having.

Peace and Quiet

Maybe you don’t have kids, but you’ve definitely had a crying baby in the next room interrupting your sleep. Or maybe you tried to recline by the pool and found your restful relaxation disrupted by loud kids at play. Either way, you’re no stranger to the children of other adults being loud and distracting. There’s plenty of charm to kids having fun and enjoying a holiday, but we all need peace and quiet now and then! An adults only hotel is a more controlled environment than other resorts you’ve been to, and a haven from the noise of regular life. Not only does the National Hotel offer invigorating massages and other wellness programs, but you’re able to enjoy them in a peaceful setting. While other hotels offer these amenities, the unparalleled tranquility that we’ll offer as an adults only resort makes for a completely different experience.